Mazi’s ROR Review

Some Christians think life is a joke; they pray three minutes and they’re done, Pastor says.

Your nightmares will be over once you discover the efficiency of prayer. Marriage is not a nightmare as some think, but it will be if there’s no communication.

Being vocal is an important love language, atimes it’s more assuring to say it, than to assume he/she saw it. Does your oneness with the Lord enjoy constant communication in prayer that fuel this sweet divine relationship, or are you ignoring Him by being mute. God is committed to constantly talking to us, be disciplined to give Him attention and respond in prayer. Don’t talk about prayer,

Pray! Make it a routine, whether you’re in the mood or not. you’re the Lolo, your Mazi wants to hear your voice, you’ll be amazed at the things the sound of your voice can make Him buy.

Mazi prays like Lolo, I don’t beg, but I know how to change my voice to get what I want.




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