JESUS BU OTUMOKPO - churchboi prince

We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principality , against power, against rulers of Darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness in high places,

This song “JESUS BU OTUMOKPO” Reminds us of how prayer is our weapon for defence. And also Places the name of JESUS as the only assured weapon and Authority to live the victorious Life.

Our mouth with faith filled words in it is all that is required.



JESUS Bu Otumokpo leeh (2x)
Ekpere! Ekpere bu ogwu Ngworo eeh

Christianity Is not a life of religion
Is divinity at work in humanity
I do not die
I only multiply Immortality
Am a special breed
I don’t get sick no no no
I don’t get weak no no no
I’ve got immunity over all sicknesses
Am in fraternity with divinity
Greater is the one that lives in me
Than the me that you can see

I walk on water
I raise the dead
See I never loose
Never loose l only win
instead Am indestructible
My life is incorruptible,
Success is my DNA
am never afraid
challenges are bread for me
sweet meal that i love to eat
when i speak in tongues
everything conforms
am in fraternity with divinity
greater is the one that lives in me
than the me that you can see


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