Mazi’s ROR Review

You’re a bonafide citizen of heaven NOW, Pastor says. “You’re not of this world” even though we live in this world.

Nobody promises an Ambassador his home country, he might be at their embassy in another country but he’s not less of a citizen than everyone back at home. The American embassy in Nigeria is described as American soil, so the Americans that live there are living in America here in Nigeria. Heaven is our home now, we’re not working on getting heaven’s green card, no!! We were born there, and thus citizens, nobody can change your place of birth! Don’t let people that don’t understand your nationality, tell you that you need VISA on arrival to enter Heaven…chai..

Bro. Promise does not know what he’s saying oh! Mazi is equipped with my diplomatic passport, just the colour of the passport fast tracks are opened as I arrive with a delegation of citizens.





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