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Comedian Oluwakaponeski laments high rate of Nigerian men in foreign jails due to fraud Popular

  • 27 November, 2020
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Nigerian comedian, Oluwakaponeski aka Mama Tobi, recently took to social media to complain about a serious issue - The funny man complained about the high number of men the country had lost to foreign jails due to fraud - He warned them to desist from the act before it gets too late for them Nigerian media personality, Oluwakaponeski also known as Mama Tobi, has taken to his Twitter page to call fraudulent men to order as he lamented about how a good number of them were already in foreign jails. The comedian shared the candid post where he explained that Nigeria was losing a great number of good and talented people to jails in America because of their involvement in fraud. According to Kaponeski, the number of Nigerians in foreign jails would be monumental in the next five years. He warned them to stop being fraudulent before it was too late. Omoni Oboli: We've taught our boys and still teach them that consent is everything Comedian Mama Tobi has warned Nigerian to desist from fraud and explained how numerous compatriots filled American prisons.  He wrote: “Man we losing a lot Nigerian males to fraud both home and abroad. In the next five years the population of Nigerian men in jail in America will be crazy. Stop if you can before it’s too late.” See his tweet below: In another post, Mama Tobi explained how he recently spoke with a friend and was told about another person who was also in jail for the same reason. He added that the country does not need 70% of its men in jail and reemphasised that they should desist from criminal activities. To buttress his point, the comedian reminded these men that their greed or the girls they were trying to impress would not help them out when they finally meet their waterloo. 

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