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Mazi’s ROR Review (01012021)

  • 27 November, 2020
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Anything short of a life of absolute joy and fulfilment in Christ Jesus isn’t God’s best for you, Pastor says. The one who has told you not to worry about tomorrow is the owner of tomorrow. When you visit a friend that calls his dog “Tomorrow” and the dog is barking and coming at you, and the owner says “don’t worry, he won’t do anything”, lol, is either the owner is crazy or he knows what is saying. Until Tomorrow (the dog) arrives, turns around for you, wagging his tail waiting to be scratched! Then you suddenly discovered how playful and full of Joy Tomorrow is. Today Almighty God is telling you, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t be that fretful person running around climbing things while Tomorrow chases you playfully around the compound. This is 2021 are you not tired of being afraid? Tomorrow is not about to stop chasing you, prepare to face it with the owner’s Word in your consciousness. The cure for worrying is living in God’s Word. Mazi knows “Warri no deh carry last” but “Worry is always last” #WorryfreeMazi

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