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Mazi’s ROR Review (06012021)

  • 27 November, 2020
  • by Admin
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RIGHTEOUSNESS GIVES YOU DOMINION a gift from God to the whole world, activated for those who receive and confess the Lordship of Jesus, Pastor says. They’re the ones to reign in life! When you get a KOBIS meal ticket as a gift, you’ve to get the food at KOBIS, you can’t eat the paper! You use the legal paper voucher to get the vital food. KOBIS gives you DELIGHT COMBO, don’t be thinking you still have to buy water, lol, it’s part of the combo. Righteousness is a gift meal ticket to the whole world, vitally activate yours, don’t stay with the paper work, and when you get it, it gives you Dominion as a drink, so it’s time to reign; to king(drink) in this life, over Satan and his dry throat spirits. You have to understand this righteousness combo, so you don’t trash the water or worse still forget it at the till point. When you’ve eaten well you can now talk, The Father is waiting to hear you, His gift makes you guiltless, so you can talk now. Mazi one of Loveworld is a king! my coronation is from above by Jesus Christ Himself, my red cap reps the blood that brought me the most needed righteousness. #KingMazi

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