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Mazi’s ROR Review (07062021)

  • 27 November, 2020
  • by Admin
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In these end times...many will fall away from the faith, because they gave heed to seducing spirits, Pastor quotes. spirits that lure people from believing in God, from believing the truth. When a child starts following only people with biscuit and candy, and not a familiar face, he’ll soon be kidnapped; what happened to mummy’s doctrine of “Never talk to strangers“. Children of God don’t follow demonic biscuit and candy, follow God’s Word. These demonic scammers can twist scriptures to lure you, refuse like that child that rejects the fake uncle that is the one dubiously introducing himself as an uncle. Don’t allow devilish suggestions, it worked for Eve, don’t allow it, it might even come in a familiar face, disallow! Marry who you love! Ke! Me that like cars! Lol! Sodom and Gormorah people trying to quote Bible! Lol it’s Love who you marry! Check yourself whether you’re still straight! The only thing that straightens you out is God’s Word. Don’t bend to lies from candy-giving sugar daddies and mummies trying to kidnap your precious faith. Mazi is in the Gospel convoy, driving straight till first flight, we stop for nobody, we don’t recognise evil turns. #MaziStraightUp

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