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Mazi’s ROR Review (08012021)

  • 27 November, 2020
  • by Admin
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It makes no difference the tests, trials, persecution and fierceness of the storms and pressures that you face, Pastor says, you’re more than a conqueror. There’s no suspense in watching a movie, you’ve watched before, you know what’s coming next and how every scene will play out, you’ve conquered the movie, but better still, if you directed the movie! Ahhh! You’re more than a conqueror! You’re even in a position to tell us the parts that weren’t included in the final version of the movie amidst recording challenges, the parts you added and all. Christ is our movie script, and with Him, we can direct this movie despite the production challenges; dark media night falls, stormy Antichrist weather, economic harmattan, etc. In His Script, we’ve passed conquering. That’s why Apostle Paul screamed, “Is there no one else...” who wants to mess up our script; our movie that ends with “and they lived victoriously Forever after”. The Script which is the Word of God, is infallible and immutable, action firm to the core. Osheee! Director Mazi is shooting in 21K resolution, don’t ask me if that res is even possible, just have a bigger screen ready to watch my victory movie! Watchout!! Try using LCA screen!!! lol #MaziDirect

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