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Mazi’s ROR Review (11012021)

  • 27 November, 2020
  • by Admin
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Make a decision that’s worthy of Jesus because He made a decision to save you, Pastor says....Serve Him with your as a Christian, no matter what! Spirit-in-motion is not a chieftaincy title, it’s a description of character; there’s Body-in-motion everywhere! Choose your description. Jesus was a Spirit-in-motion always dragging the body fearlessly; Apostle Paul too followed the leader, the only song he wants to hear is Jerusalem! Cos it’s what the Lord says! lol! Pastor Chris too refusing to stop unveiling truth, in YOUR LOVEWORLD Jerusalem! even when many were mute. These are    dead men walking in the Spirit, and you can’t kill a dead man. Don’t faint before you’re even threatened, let what you believe show in your face. The cards are before you choose wisely, they put a gun to your head! So? That’s how they were prophesying accident for Mazi in the east, so I should wait and miss New year eve service! ni! Are you my Pastor? See! this is Mazi’s real face oh, I’m not frowning, this is my Gospel Spirit-in-motion smile. #MaziGospelSmile

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