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Mazi’s ROR Review (12012021)

  • 27 November, 2020
  • by Admin
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Victory is assured in the fullness of the Spirit, Pastor says.When trouble comes, you’re ready; you’re bold in the day of crisis. No matter how hungry a lion is, it can never eat grass. Please how do you kidnap a lion and you’re trying to tame a full grown lion, telling him to stop roaring in tongues, so you can use him for pepper soup? Hahaha! Have you ever heard of Lion meat pepper soup? Uncle ritualistic? More still, how is it said that a masquerade died in an accident? A whole deity? Kai!!! Don’t even think it, be yourself, we’re bold as the lions. Being bold in the day of judgement is about the day of trouble, in case you think you’ll be roaring boldly at God at His judgment seat. Mazi’s roaring presence itself is causing health crisis for the devil and his cohorts, but sorry the hospital doors of Trauma Care Foundation is not open for them. #MaziLionKing

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