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Ken Eb


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In 2018, I and my family were going through a very challenging season at the time, One amongst us was diagnosed with cancer, it came as a shock to me.

All my life, I had always served the Lord. So I was wondering, why would my young happy family go through such an ordeal, We kept praying and praying for a miracle while we also had physicians doing their own thing.

It was really challenging to say the least, so on a particular day, while praying in my room, I got to a point where I began to ask God, “Why do Your children go through trying times“ Even when we think we have known God to a level, situations could make us question our knowledge of him, I kept asking God I needed to know more of him.

That’s how the song “Desire” came about. It was born as a result of genuine desperation to know God the more and to understand His ways. “Desire“ was born out of a hunger to know more of God.

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