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Lawrence akachukwu (Royalty)


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Award winning music producer Royalty finally hits the airwaves. The long awaited song titled "Gracified" is a song of appreciation to God for His extravagant grace.

Lawrence Akachukwu Molokwu (Royalty) has been active in the LoveWorld Music and Arts Ministry Onitsha Zone for some years, functioning in several capacities. He evolved into a Music Producer in 2017 and emerged 2018 Producer of the Year LMAM Onitsha Zone.

His works include Holy Ghost by Amos John and For My Good by Kayceelyrikz.

Be blessed as you enjoy "Gracified" by Royalty.

"Gracified" was produced by JoeKeys

Mixed and Mastered by Royalty at JIA MEDIA STUDIO.


Verse 1
Our father our father in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Your kingdom shall reign forever
Ikariri ihe asi n'ibu
I can't explain how much I'm grateful
For the things you do
Aga m eburu hallelujah obi n'asom o
(Obi n'aso m oh oh oh)


No be say na me too fine
No be say I too sabi
No be say I too dey do
No be say o, no be say o
No be say I too dey work
No be say na good luck o
No be say na hard work no no no
But it's all by Your Grace

So papa take all the glory
It belongs to You
Papa take all the worship
Ana m aturugi mma mma..(2x)

Verse 2
Dem say, Dem say
"Baba God don do you well"
Me I say, I say
"No be lie He don do me well"
When I think about where I come from
And what Your love has brought me through
My heart is full I gotta sing a new song
Thank You for the things You do
You changed my life I'm a better man
Onu m juru n'ekele
Aga m eburu hallelujah
Obi na asom o



If to say man be God oh (x4)

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